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Stepping out of the victim role and stepping into personal power is a choice that each of us has the opportunity to make when change takes place in our lives. When we learn how to set boundaries that empower personal power we start to create relationship that thrive. I will suggest that most of us grow up without healthy boundaries in place. The key is “healthy”! There are many families that have boundaries but they are unclear to the rest of the family members. Maybe one day the boundary is one thing the next that boundary does not apply and there is another in its place. I will be presenting on Change and the Power of Choice at the next FAN night at the Focus


Seeking Desire

I have been wrestling with the concept of desire for the months and in that time I have begun reading the book “The Journey of Desire: Searching for the Life We’ve Only Dreamed of” by John Eldredge. Although I’m only partly into the book, he has been confirming many of the thoughts that I have had about the topic of desire. He mentions that people have trouble knowing what they want because they are uncertain about their desire. I connected with this because I remember a day that I had no idea what I wanted. There was an uncertainty of what my desire was at that time. Do you struggle with connecting with your desire? What steps have you taken to connect with your desire?


The Committment Model of Marriage

In today’s marriages the basis of commitment has dissolved to the point of seeing divorce rates soar through the roof. A marital model that focuses on the committment to healthy choices by both individual’s in a marriage will create an environment of intimacy. It is proven that “as partners let go of their efforts to change each other, they become less emotionally reactive, and as a result, change becomes more likely”. The comittment model encourages healthy change in the relationship with a response coming from a Growth Model instead of a Power Model. As couples find themselves working out of a Growth Model, the environment for intimacy is created and the marriage begins to thrive. For more information or to challenge yourself with a committment


Webcam Coaching

“Although I was skeptical at first about the idea of a “web cam coaching session”, I was comfortable with it right away and am thankful for the opportunity to learn about myself and how to shape my life in the direction I want it to go.”



Imagine your life with no barriers holding you back from SUCCESS. Does that seem like a dream that is out of reach? Today, more so than ever, people are looking within for answers to the barriers that are holding them back and keeping them stuck in a mediocre life.


My life seemed to be getting out of control!

“My life seemed to be getting out of control. The amount of stress that I was taking on was not only hurting me, but hurting my entire family.”

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