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Fitness and Nutrition Coaching

We envision having the physical aspects of one's life be of high importance! We offer individual coaching, fitness and nutrition advice, and group exercise and workshops. Boot Camp style classes of all fitness levels to jumpstart somebody's health goals along with multi-day retreats with consistent follow-ups to achieve sustained results are services that we see helping people get control of their health. Teamed up with the highest quality of nutritional products, we envision having people improve their nutrition along with improving their physical health through exercise and healthy eating plans. Our belief is that when people get physically healthy it provides an opportunity for people to improve their mental, emotional, and spiritual areas of their life.

Stephanie Vignery is a health coach who has a passion for influencing and impacting peoples physical health from a nutritional and exercise standpoint. Stephanie has been involved with fitness for many years and also competed in a fitness competition with the Body By Vi Vi-Model Competition. She ranked top 10 out of over 840 contestants and reached a life-long dream of hers; to get in the best shape of her life! Being a busy mom, wife and entrepreneur, she knows how hard it is to stay balanced at times in her life. Her desire is to show that it is possible to still take care of self and take on the roles that a busy mother has. Stephanie feels so blessed because as a mom, a wife, and an entrepreneur, she gets to be an example/role model by living a healthy lifestyle for herself as well as her family. Stephanie has always said, “It is challenging to try and balance everything out but when I stop and look at my greater "why", it continues to help me stay more focused on why it is so important to maintain health.”

With the obesity epidemic being as significant as it is in our society, and children following in those footsteps of what the role models in their lives have helped create, it should be an eye-opener for us to know how important it is to live a healthy well balanced life. That's one of the reasons why Stephanie and Bryan believe in the vision of ViSalus so much and are blessed to be a part of helping change lives and to impact the obesity epidemic in the world. After all, we only have one body and if we don't take care of it then we won't be good for anyone else.

Through Stephanie’s training for the Body By Vi Vi-Model Competition it truly inspired her to recognize that she has a passion to inspire and to help other mom's know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel to being able to stay fit and have a more balanced lifestyle at home. Mom’s are the example for their children and most importantly, themselves. We deserve to treat our bodies right before we pay a price that we cannot overcome.

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