I ran across a quote this past weekend that has been rattling in my brain this entire week. When something stays in my mind that long, I need to blog it so here we go!

As I think about the times of significant growth that I have personally experienced, all of those experiences included some type of “revealing truth”. As my false self has diminished and my true self has been illuminated, it has involved root beliefs being changed.

For years I have had many people, books, workshops, programs, sermons, society, government, religion and others sources provide information that has helped me change some of my thought processes. While all of these sources and the information they provide challenged my thoughts, they didn’t necessarily change my root beliefs until I had an experience with them.

So I say all of this to get to the initial quote that prompted me to write this post. “Revelation Changes Beliefs, Information Changes Thoughts”. When I heard this quote it impacted me at a root level. It is not until there is a revealing moment that I really experience root belief change. I can have all of the information in the world, but without revelation, I just change thoughts. Many times these revelations come in the form of victimizations that find me at the end of myself and looking for real answers. As challenging as revelations can be, I say bring them on so I can continue to grow my true self instead of surrendering to my false self!

  1. After trying to change my thinking on a certain topic for years, and it not working…..I had an amazing moment of revelation today that absolutely changed my beliefs.  Unfortunatly that doesn’t happen to me very often, but I welcome more moments like that with open arms.  What are the chances that you would choose to post this only moments after I had this experience?  There Are No Accidents!!!  Thank you for sharing.
    Whitney (Focus Boise, Spring 2007)

  2. Awesome Whitney…that is encouraging. Thanks for sharing your experience with me and for taking the time to read the post. Enjoy your revelation!

  3. Revelation is undoubtedly going to cause a Revolution in ones beliefs, there is an actual up-rooting of at a minimum a section or even sections of the fundamental “known” defining measures for leading life as it was known pre-revelation.  
    Whereas information will simply will provide the needed data to form the decisions to lead ones life out as seen fit based on belief systems much deeper rooted.  

  4. Thanks for posting Nick, nicely put.