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Calling All Non-Perfect Parents

Okay, I’m glad your reading this because there a not-so-perfect parent writing this. I don’t need to tell you that our job as parents can be difficult at times, although the joy that comes with parenting can be incredible more times than not. So now that I have your attention, I’m going to stop typing and let you start! This post is an participatory  sport. So take a few minutes and give me your thoughts on the following question. Looking back on your parenting skills, whether that is one year or 50 years, let me know what you would have done different knowing what you know now?


Leaving a Legacy

I witnessed a first hand testimony of a young man in his early twenties that was caught in the middle of anger and frustration due to the possible separation of his parents. His parents reached the point of what they thought was no return three years ago in their marriage and the son, at that point, decided he didn’t like his parents too much nor did he respect them for disrupting his security of having parents that were together. The reason that I tell this story is not to highlight what divorce or separation can do to kids, but to highlight intentional living by parents. You see, the mother in this situation decided to get some help and direction. Due to her taking action and


Moral Tolerance

There is an invisible line in our lives that determines which side of morality we fall on. When it comes to morality, there is a right and there is a wrong. There is a moral law we have distorted in order to make it more comfortable for our everyday lives. It’s my belief that this tolerance creates confusion to all. Young children cannot understand the moral tolerance that some of us lead with. Young children will follow what the adults around them display, not necessarily what they say…and there in lies the tolerance. What would it be like if our actions matched up with the moral convictions that were rooted in truth? When we have rules without clear understanding it creates rebellion in a young


Modeling Marriage and Parenting

We learn how to be a mom or a dad by the way we were parented. We learn how to treat our sons and daughters by the way we were treated by our parents. We learn how to be husbands and wives by the way our dads treated our moms and how our moms treated our dads. Our children are learning in the same fashion that we did! Some of had great modeling growing up and some of us had less than desirable modeling growing up. What are you going to do about the way you learned about marriage and parenting today? Investing in oursleves by looking at where we came from can be just the ticket we have been looking for. Since we cannot


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