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Normally when I see couples they are coming in with some sort of a crisis. I hear about how the crisis started and start the journey through the facts to assist the couple overcome what is taking place. I had the rare opportunity last night, on my flight home from Boise, to sit next to a couple who were expressing their affection to each other in a very outward and public manner. I overheard the woman say; you’re 43 years old? You should’ve told me that! They for sure grabbed my attention. He then proceeded to tell her; what does it matter? Then they continued their conversations. As they continued to talk through some very surface information about each other I started to figure out


Leaving a Legacy

I witnessed a first hand testimony of a young man in his early twenties that was caught in the middle of anger and frustration due to the possible separation of his parents. His parents reached the point of what they thought was no return three years ago in their marriage and the son, at that point, decided he didn’t like his parents too much nor did he respect them for disrupting his security of having parents that were together. The reason that I tell this story is not to highlight what divorce or separation can do to kids, but to highlight intentional living by parents. You see, the mother in this situation decided to get some help and direction. Due to her taking action and


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