Happiness is temporary, but joy is eternal. Happiness depends upon outward experiences, but joy comes from within.

This quote from Adrian Rogers hit me over the weekend and I have been processing as I start this week. No one can take our joy from us…we can only give it away. There are many things that influence my happiness on a daily basis but how often do we consider the joy that is still present within us.

The word happy means “lucky,” and comes from the word hap which means “chance, fortune;” sense of “very glad”. In World War II the word happy was actually used to define a state of being “dazed or frazzled from stress.” I don’t know about you but I don’t want to lean on lucky, chance, fortune, sense of very glad or dazed or frazzled from stress. I want to lean on something that sustains……JOY!

If you put your trust in happiness, you will fall victim to circumstance because your happenstance will change. Happiness is like cosmetic and joy is like character. What will you lead with today?