I witnessed a first hand testimony of a young man in his early twenties that was caught in the middle of anger and frustration due to the possible separation of his parents. His parents reached the point of what they thought was no return three years ago in their marriage and the son, at that point, decided he didn’t like his parents too much nor did he respect them for disrupting his security of having parents that were together.

The reason that I tell this story is not to highlight what divorce or separation can do to kids, but to highlight intentional living by parents. You see, the mother in this situation decided to get some help and direction. Due to her taking action and being intentional, the father and their son ended up attending Focus Seminars. I witnessed them come from a level of disconnection to embracing each other with open communication and honesty that broke down the walls of anger and frustration in a matter of five days. It was heart warming see them then take that openness and honesty and connect it as a family with mom.

Five days of intentional motivation was all they needed to change the legacy of their family. It didn’t only change the family but the generations to come. Because parents decided to not let life beat them down any longer, they will cherish the fruits of not only a connected marriage but kids and grand-kids that will forever be changed.

This may or may not be your story. Regardless, I challenge you to put yourself in the middle of the situation that needs intentionality in your life right now. What is the first step that could be taken for you? Is someone important to you waiting for you to take the first step? Surround yourself with people that want you to succeed and lean on them through your burden. You have what it takes to push to the next level of effectiveness. Make it happen!