Chisholm Trail Middle School September 24th, 2016


Maybe you experienced this event in person or maybe you just heard the news! This event was absolutely over-the-top and AMAZING! Fitness Coaches, Mia St. Aubin and Stephanie Vignery, came together and delivered an impactful bootcamp workout for FREE. Families and individuals came together and committed to a morning of exercise and health! 52 adults in 15 children experienced this workout at Chisholm Trail Middle School in Olathe Kansas. Never before has there ever been a bootcamp event of this magnitude in Olathe Kansas! This is just the beginning of the transformation in communities throughout the 15 countries that we serve. We are changing the face of fitness forever!

Each and every week there are multiple opportunities to join Stephanie Vignery as she leads multiple workout experiences in the Olathe, Kansas area. Currently Bryan and Stephanie utilize KOs Blackbelt Academy located at 159th and Murlen Road to facilitate their groups. They are in the process of combining multiple services under one roof to provide an experience where individuals can achieve a Fit Mind, Fit Body and a Fit Spirit! When individuals take action in those three areas of their life they create a lifestyle that creates abundance!

Stephanie Vignery – Fitness Coach

Stephanie Vignery is a health coach who has a passion for influencing and impacting peoples physical health from a nutritional and exercise standpoint. Stephanie has been involved with fitness for many years and also competed in a fitness competition with the Body By Vi Vi-Model Competition. She ranked top 10 out of over 840 contestants and reached a life-long dream of hers; to get in the best shape of her life! Being a busy mom, wife and entrepreneur, she knows how hard it is to stay balanced at times in her life. Her desire is to show that it is possible to still take care of self and take on the roles that a busy mother has. Stephanie feels so blessed because as a mom, a wife, and an entrepreneur, she gets to be an example/role model by living a healthy lifestyle for herself as well as her family. Stephanie has always said, “It is challenging to try and balance everything out but when I stop and look at my greater “why”, it continues to help me stay more focused on why it is so important to maintain health.”


Mia St. Aubin – Fitness Coach

Mia is from Canada and she has a passion for changing the face of fitness forever! Mia says, “My hope is to teach others how to RUN their lives through exercise. Teaching that if you can push yourself in the gym then you can push yourself in every aspect of your life. You can push yourself to open that business you’ve always been dreaming of, to go for that promotion you’ve always wanted, to think outside the box and dream a little.” She exclaims that “Fitness has helped me unlock the life of my dreams and I want, more than anything, to share that with the world.”

Mia is also the director of the Vi Healthy Lifestyle Advisory Board (HLAB). The Vi Healthy Lifestyle Advisory Board is a resource that adds great value to the Vi Promoter and Customer experience. Through participation in strategic ideation and feedback, the board plays a key role in advancing company product and program innovations to ensure Vi stands alone as the world’s leading platform for healthy lifestyle challenges. This board comprised of health experts from the Vi Promoter community, nominated and selected to lend their knowledge and insight.

Recently, both Bryan and Stephanie Vignery have been nominated to the board of the HLAB and are honored to lend their professional expertise to the ever growing Vi community.