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Do not conform to the patterns of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Bryan Vignery focuses on assisting individuals and couple to see new perspectives and make lasting change in their lives.

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There are multiple ways that you can work with Bryan. The traditional setting in a comfortable office environment, through technology with Skype or Zoom, or in the comfort of the home or coffee shop for his coaching clients. Whether you are seeking individual or marriage counseling, Bryan will do his best to accommodate his schedule to fit your needs.

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    Bryan and his wife Stephanie have created an online marriage curriculum and are working on other online courses.

    Building Marriages to Last

    Trapped in the Silence of Shame







    About Bryan Vignery

    Bryan has a passion for influencing, inspiring and impacting people’s lives in various ways. Depending on how Bryan can best serve you, please find the following options.

    Bryan Vignery, LCPC

    Bryan Vignery as a Coach and a Licensed Clinical Counselor

    Bryan & Stephanie Vignery

    Bryan & Stephanie Vignery with The Intentional Marriage

    What Others are Saying

    Here’s what our happy clients had to say about Bryan’s services:

    Both of us made a united decision to improve ourselves and our marriage

    Satisfied Male Client

    Changing what has been for generations. Making what is truth so simple to apply to everyday life.

    Satisfied Couple

    I found answers to a huge issue, thank you for your expertise and honesty!

    Satisfied Female Client

    I believe that when I am a healthy individual that is able to embrace my strengths and acknowledge my weaknesses then I am no longer looking at parenting through my own crippling inadequacies.

    Satisfied Female Client

    After trying to change my thinking on a certain topic for years, and it not working…I had an amazing moment of revelation today that absolutely changed my beliefs.

    Satisfied Female Client

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