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Calling All Non-Perfect Parents

Okay, I’m glad your reading this because there a not-so-perfect parent writing this. I don’t need to tell you that our job as parents can be difficult at times, although the joy that comes with parenting can be incredible more times than not. So now that I have your attention, I’m going to stop typing and let you start! This post is an participatory  sport. So take a few minutes and give me your thoughts on the following question. Looking back on your parenting skills, whether that is one year or 50 years, let me know what you would have done different knowing what you know now?


Manipulation and Desperation

I was reading Seth Godin’s post titled “Who is easily manipulated?” from his blog the other day and it struck me in a powerful way. The post discusses manipulation in a way that I believe everyone can learn something about themselves whether they feel manipulated or not.  Seth states “I define manipulation as working to spread an idea or generate an action that is not in a person’s long-term best interest.” I know there have been many situations in my life where my best interest was not in the other person’s mind. I know there have been situations in my life where I didn’t have the other person’s best interest in mind. What would it look like if our desire was to spread an idea


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