It is quite apparent to me that we are all on a journey that is individual and unique. This journey that we are on is interesting in regards to how we have no idea of what is coming ahead of us! Of course we can foresee some of the things that are going to take place and we can plan for certain outcomes based upon how things have played out in the past. But for the most part we have no control on what is on the horizon. When it comes to the reality of what’s ahead, there are multiple behaviors and emotions that can play out. These behaviors and emotions are rooted deeply in the beliefs that we hold about whatever our “reality” has


Revealing Truth

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I ran across a quote this past weekend that has been rattling in my brain this entire week. When something stays in my mind that long, I need to blog it so here we go! As I think about the times of significant growth that I have personally experienced, all of those experiences included some type of “revealing truth”. As my false self has diminished and my true self has been illuminated, it has involved root beliefs being changed. For years I have had many people, books, workshops, programs, sermons, society, government, religion and others sources provide information that has helped me change some of my thought processes. While all of these sources and the information they provide challenged my thoughts, they didn’t necessarily change


The Locker Room

There is a quote, from a new movie titled The Grace Card, that was impactful to me. I believe it speaks greatness no matter if you are a believer in God or not. It has the ability to give us a perspective to be a “make-it-happen” man or woman. If we all took on this challenge I believe our world would look a lot different. So often, if you are anything like me, we can get caught in this worldly perspective of presenting all things in a palatable way so we won’t offend anyone around us. As if we are in control of them anyway. I have challenged many to “get their jersey dirty” and live life 100%. I believe this quote helps us to