There is a quote, from a new movie titled The Grace Card, that was impactful to me. I believe it speaks greatness no matter if you are a believer in God or not. It has the ability to give us a perspective to be a “make-it-happen” man or woman. If we all took on this challenge I believe our world would look a lot different. So often, if you are anything like me, we can get caught in this worldly perspective of presenting all things in a palatable way so we won’t offend anyone around us. As if we are in control of them anyway.

I have challenged many to “get their jersey dirty” and live life 100%. I believe this quote helps us to put that in action. So no more waiting, here is the quote, here is the challenge; “Sunday is the locker room, Monday through Saturday is the game!” Go and get in the game this Monday, find a coach who is going to motivate you and lift you up when you don’t feel like getting up. If we play life as hard as some of us play games, we will no doubt win the game.

Let me know what you are going to do to play the game. What you post just might be a motivator for someone else to get in the game!