Inspire – To influence, move, or guide by divine or supernatural inspiration (Merriam Webster – Present Day)

Inspire – To infuse or suggest ideas or monitions supernaturally; to communicate divine instructions to the mind. In this manner, we suppose the prophets to have been inspired, and the Scriptures to have been composed under divine influence or direction. ( 1828 edition of Webster’s American Dictionary of the English Language)

fb_share_quote_tobeinspiredIt is interesting to me to see how definitions of words have changed over the decades. The comparison of the two above-mentioned definitions of the word inspire, shows the tolerance of which is applied to today’s culture. I believe that when we close the gap on the tolerance, we start seeing fruit in our lives that creates clarity and direction. We start surrounding ourselves with people that are accountable for their actions. Our mission in life starts to be unveiled when we get clear on what we will tolerate morally. The definitiveness of the 1828 version of the word inspire, does just that, it inspires me!

Inspire is a word that means a lot to me! We both believe that we were created to have influence on those around us and to inspire them to reach for excellence. Not excellence in a way of setting high expectations that may never be reached but excellence in the way that people conduct themselves around other people. When we start to close the gap of tolerance in the emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and financial areas of our life; we start to have success.

People are watching other people at all times. Think about the people that you watch. You see the moves that they make. And you are impacted and influenced by the decisions and actions that the make. I work hard at making our actions congruent to that which we believe. Just like anyone, we are human, and over the years we have made our fair share of mistakes. There have been many times that both of us have gotten off course in certain areas of our lives and didn’t even realize it until further down the road. It is easy to do if we are not being intentional on a daily basis.

It has been almost two years since I started my first 90 day health challenge. As soon as I started the challenge there was an immediate intentionality that came over me. A desire to reach for excellence. I knew that the 90 day course was going to have its set of challenges, but I set my mind to what I wanted to accomplish and I went after it. Now after five consecutive 90 day challenges I have seen amazing consistency in the physical ares of my life. This has influenced me from a wholeness perspective; mind – body – spirit! Making an intentional change in one area impacts the others.

Which area do you struggle with? Do you struggle with your mind? You thought life? Or do you struggle with the overconsumption or underconsumption of food, lack of physical exercise or the quality of what you put in your body? Do you struggle with your Spiritual life? I challenge you to take a step toward being intentional today!