“The inability to produce any results that are positive and forward moving!”

What Color Are You?

Is your mind telling you that you CAN’T today? Many people surrender to the negativity of this word before their feet even hit the floor in the mornings. “I CAN’T” excuses are some of the most lethal excuses we can have! When the negativity creeps in, our mind shuts down and limits the positive action that can take place. Does CAN’T shut you down with your kids? Your spouse? Your parents? Your job? Your school? It shows up at the most inopportune times and most likely when you are on the verge of something great! The “CAN’T” kicks you in the behind and says; Sorry, you’re not good enough! Only you know what part of life the word CAN’T shuts you down and only you can STOP it!

I have people seeking help all of the time who get stuck in their own mind with their own limitations. I would suggest that most of the limitations are self-imposed and are removable if someone is willing to move out of the “I CAN’T” attitude. So what is it that creates an “I CAN’T” attitude instead of a “I CAN” attitude?

The environment that you grew up in has a big part to play in your present day attitudes. There is no home, church, school or social environment that is perfect. Combine that with yourself who is not perfect (sorry to break the news to you)  and you have a recipe for a bunch of stinkin’ thinkin’! If you really want to get to the root of your I CAN’T attitude then you are going to have to do some looking into the rear view mirror.

I grew up mostly in an environment that I believe promoted the attitude of “I CAN’T”. It came in the form of messages like, “we don’t make enough money”, “other people get more breaks then we do”, “you can work hard but you will never get a head in life”, or “we will never be better than others”. These may sound subtle but they are family scripts that can majorly impact the thinking of the young minds growing up with them. Just like soaking clothes in a colored dye, the clothes inherit the color of which you soak them. After you “soak” in the negative messages long enough, you just believe that’s the “color” you were supposed to be!

So changing our thinking can change our “color” and get us out of the negative attitude that we have been in! When we finally decide to get out of our “I CAN’T” mentality, we start to take on the “color” we were designed to be! Are you going to be #INTENTIONAL and #CHANGE today??