Are you getting married? Do you know someone getting married? One of the greatest things that my wife and I did before we got married was to seek premarital counseling. I wasn’t for sure what to expect when we started our premarital counseling but it wasn’t far into the process that I started to see the value in going through the process of looking at what marriage was all about. We found the PREPARE/ENRICH Assessment a helpful step in that process.

I know that most couples who are planning a wedding are on a budget. If you haven’t done so already, I recommend that included in that budget is a budget for professional premarital counseling services. Because of the importance of receiving professional counseling services before your wedding day, I have tailored a premarital package that includes the PREPARE/ENRICH Assessment and 6 counseling sessions for one great price.

If you would like more information, please read below do not hesitate to contact me.

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[acc_item title=”Prepare For Your Marriage”]Most premarital couples spend a great deal of time, energy and money on a wedding ceremony that lasts a few hours. But they spend little time acquiring relationship skills needed to build a marriage that could last 50 years.[/acc_item][acc_item title=”Failing to Prepare”]“Failing to prepare is like preparing to fail!” It’s much easier to prepare for a successful wedding than a successful marriage. Preparing for marriage means you have to be intentional about planning for your future together.[/acc_item]
[acc_item title=”Enriching Your Relationship”]Marriage is a challenge for most couples, filled with much joy and also some difficult times. Marriages need to be nurtured in a positive environment that creates ongoing growth.[/acc_item][acc_item title=”Investing in Your Marriage”]The Couples Program can be used to help you build on your strengths and deal more effectively with problematic issues. The Program is designed to provide insightful skills that help you focus on and deal with important issues.[/acc_item]
[acc_item title=”Creating and Sharing a Magnetic Marriage”]Remember why you were attracted to your spouse? Was it magnetic? Today others are looking for radiant marriages that they can model. So what is the attraction power in a marriage? It is knowing who you are as an individual and being committed to a marriage vision and mission that creates radiance! Intentional marriages lead to a deeper level of intimacy and fulfillment that transcends and attracts.[/acc_item] [/accordion]