A few weeks ago I was having a conversation with a friend about tolerance in our world. I believe we have strayed far away from truth so much that we are blinded as a world by tolerance. The following Sunday after this conversation was had, I was at a service at our church and Pastor Clint throws out this quote:

“We live in a society that has exalted things like tolerance, diversity, peace, and harmony so much that I fear we may value them more than TRUTH.” – Clint Sprague

This started me on a quest throughout the last couple of weeks of looking for the tolerance around me. As a therapist, many of my patients are a reflection of tolerance taken too far. They moved too far from the “truth line” and are struggling with getting back on track. We are not intended to do life alone so getting some feedback from those that we trust can be extremely beneficial.

Let’s take an internal look at tolerance. Each of us have formulated our belief systems through our life experiences, wether good or bad, over the course of our lives. Now I’m not necessarily talking about our moral belief system. I’m talking about beliefs that people subscribe to about people, places, events, self, etc. From the time we were born we have learned some things correctly and some things incorrectly. We have standards that we develop for ourselves and quite frankly. Some of those standards are so far from the “truth line” that we lose our way over a lengthy timeline. I believe that defines a good portion of our world!

Some of us, through this journey, have made radical changes toward a belief system that incorporates God and biblical truth. So let’s get real basic, if we believe in God, why would we tolerate the things that we tell ourselves about people, places, things and especially ourselves? The bible tells us in Genesis 1:27:

So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.

Do we throw out that “truth line” because we have gotten of course? Do we adjust our “truth line” so it reads that God created some people in his image but not me? Without a “truth line” we do not embrace true joy and peace.

I would like to hear what makes up your “truth line”? What do you find is the best way to get back when you have strayed too far?